Monday, October 29, 2018

A quick update to my readers

It has been awhile since I posted anything on this blog.   And I owe my readers an explanation.

In January, my husband, Kerry, and I purchased a small travel trailer and decided to spend this year going to places that he wanted to see.  He had been sick for several years and I think we both knew it was a "now or never" type of thing.    We had planned to use the travel trailer as a means for me to do more genealogy research.  We were going to go to NYC and research more on HEAS.  I wanted to go to Kentucky to do some personal genealogy.  And I needed about 3 weeks in Denver to look at all of Saltiel's court records in Arapahoe county.  Kerry wanted to go to Oregon to see the ocean.  He wanted to see the Redwoods in northern California.  We made that trip in June and July.

When we returned home, he had a heart attack.  After 5 days in ICU, there was nothing more to be done and they sent him home with hospice.  He passed away on July 16.

He was my biggest supporter when it came to researching the Cotopaxi Colony.  He always read what I wrote, reviewed my research, asked me questions that made me think and re-do or re-write.   He was considerate beyond measure and I already miss him greatly.  And while we both knew his health was failing, I wasn't prepared for his passing.

My goal is to get back to writing about the Colony as soon as possible.  Thanks for understanding that this year, my personal life came first.


His memory IS my blessing!