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Emanuel H. Saltiel's father, John Saltiell

I have always thought it would be so much fun to find out that I descended from Jesse James or some other wild outlaw!  But I also know plenty of people who would be horrified to find anything criminal in their ancestry!  Do you look at criminal records when searching your ancestry?

I found an article on Emanuel H. Saltiel's father that is quite interesting, but first a little background information.  Emanuel H. Saltiel's father was John Jacob Saltiel.  He married Jane Harris in May 18, 1843.  Emanuel H. was born Oct 14, 1844 in Bath, Somerset, England.  His father (John Jacob Saltiel) was charged with bigamy on July 1, 1844.  This was just one year, 1 1/2 months after he married Jane (Emanuel H Saltiel's mother).  And just three months before Emanuel H. Saltiel was born.
(transcription below the images)

July 1, 1844
1840. JOHN SALTIELL was indicted for bigamy.
MESSRS. PAYNE and DOANE conducted the Prosecution. 
SAMPSON GENESE . I am clerk of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews' synagogue. I produce the superintendent registrar's register of the marriage of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews—I was present, and saw the prisoner married to Jane Harris, on the 18th of May, 1843—(register read)—both the parties were of the Jewish profession—Jane Harris was a German Jewess—they were married in No. 62, Skinner-street, Bishopsgate—I saw the entry made—I have not seen Jane Harris since. 
Cross-examined by MR. BALLANTINE. Q. You did not know Harris before? A. No—the prisoner had been in our school—we have only two sects among us, the Spanish and Portuguese Jews, and the German Jews—we have our different places of worship—I should not consider that I went to an orthodox synagogue if I went to a German Jews'—the ceremonies of marriage, and other ceremonies of the two sects, do not vary—the only difference is in the pronunciation of the Hebrew—the, words of the ceremonial are identical—the corresponding officers attend, and there is no difference in the belief of the German and Portuguese Jews—there is no distinction in the creed.
SOLOMON ALMOS NINO . I am secretary to the synagogue of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews—I am the registrar of the marriages at their synagogue—I produce the superintendent-registrar's certificate of a marriage between Jacob Saltiell and Jane Harris—I register the marriages at the synagogue—(by virtue of this certificate, the marriage takes place)—this is a correct entry of the marriage—I was present—the prisoner was brought up in our school—he is the person married to Jane Harris—I do not know her—she is described as Jane Hums, 62, Skinner-street, Bishopsgate—the marriage took place according to the ceremonies of the Jewish religion.
Cross-examined. Q. Is there no distinction of sects among the Jews? A. Not any—we have no second creed, nor difference in the ceremonials—no. person can be married without permission of the warden, and that is given on producing the certificate—without that a marriage would not be legal, according to our usages—it might be a valid marriage in point of law—the prisoner attended our place of worship at the time of his marriage, and subsequently to that, till very lately.
ELEAZER HART . I live in White Lion-street, Norton-Falgate—Jane Harris is my niece—on the 18th of May, last year, I was present at a marriage, according to the Jewish rites and ceremonies, at her mother's house, between her and the prisoner—she is of the Jewish persuasion, and is still alive.
HARRIET BATES DAVISON . I am eighteen years old, and live with my father in Jamaica-street, Commercial-road. At the beginning of this year, I had known the prisoner about six months—my father and I then lodged in Sydney-square with the prisoner—I knew he was married—his wife was living in the same house the whole of the time my family lodged there—we left the house shortly after Easter—I saw the prisoner occasionally after I left—in April he made a proposal of marriage—I accepted it—we were married as Christians at West Ham church on the 16th of May.
Cross-examined. Q. Did you know his former wife? A. Yes, they had been married in the Jewish persuasion—I believed he was not of the Jewish persuasion—his wife knew that the banns were published between him and me—it was not made a matter of concealment, that I am aware of—his wife was out from morning to night.
MR. PAYNE. Q. How do you know that his first wife knew of his going to be married? A. She has told me so at his mother's house within the last fortnight—his mother was present at the time.
 RICHARD GOLLEDGE . I am parish clerk of West Ham—I have the register here—I have an entry of a marriage between the prisoner and Harriet Bates Davison.
JOB GARDINER (police-conslable H 161.) I took the prisoner in custody in Spitalfields.GUILTY . Aged 22.— Confined One Month.

This gives me a ton of clues for even more research!!!  If memory serves me correct, somewhere I have a record of John's imprisonment.   Guilty of bigamy.  There's more... perhaps tomorrow's blog.

We now know that this Eleazer Hart was the brother of Rachel Hart Harris, Jane Harris Saltiel's mother.  And we know that he was a brother to Michael Hart who's son, E. S. Hart was at Cotopaxi.

So we can prove that E. S. Hart and E. H. Saltiel were 1st cousins, once removed.  E. H. Saltiel would have been second cousins to all of Hart's children.  The story just continues to grow.

This post was updated to show the new family tree.

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