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Emanuel H. Saltiel's father, John Jacob (part 2) digging deeper - finding more

updated 2/12/17 - go to the bottom of this post for new information.

The article that I posted yesterday about John Jacob Saltiel's bigamy showed that his second wife was Harriet Bates Davison and it gave us their date of marriage as May 16, 1843.  I found their marriage index here:

This shows John's name as John Alfred de Saltiell.  And when I found his prison records, it gives us an "aka" of Alfred.

Once I started searching for Alfred Jacob Saltiel, I found his death record.

He died 27 Nov 1850 and is buried at St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, England.  He was born in 1822.   This lines up with John Jacob Saltiel.  And the fact that both his wife and ex-wife state in the 1851 census that they are widows.  He had 2 more children with Harriet (this is the 1851 census):

Now we know that  E. H. Saltiel had a half brother, Alfred and a half sister, Elizabeth!

Looking at their mom, Harriett, she married George Clark Aug 7, 1852:

And we find that Elizabeth and Alfred have changed their surname to Clark in the 1861 census.

I think the next question to ask is whether or not E. H. Saltiel even knew that he had a half brother and sister?  They changed their surname to Clark and in the census record above they are listed as daughter and son, so perhaps George Clark adopted them.

Here's a simple timeline for this story:

Emanuel H. Saltiel lived in Bath, Somerset, England from the time he was born through the 1851 census.

John and Harriett were married in Essex, Elizabeth was born in Bethnal Green, St John, England and Alfret was born in London.

John died in London.

Looking at a map,   Here's Bath  (on the west side of England)  and you can see London.  Essex is just northeast of London.  Bethnal Green is also in London.  

Emanuel H. Saltiel was age 6 when his father died.  His father had "remarried" before he was born.  It is probably safe to say the Emanuel never knew him.  Additionally, he probably never knew his half brother and sister.

Two things have not escaped me.  1)  Mary Moore Clarke was on the marriage record above and then Harriet married George Clark later on.  One has to wonder if they were related.  And 2) In the bigamy proceedings, Harriet (2nd wife) states that Jane (pregnant 1st wife) "was out from morning to night."  I believe that just means that she knew what was going on.   Jane was an Ashkenazi and married to a  Sephardic Jew, something that wasn't much accepted at that time.  Harriet claims to have married him as a "christian" in a church.  She did not believe Saltiel was Jewish.

Keep in mind that Jane's mother was Rachel Hart, a brother to Michael Hart, the father of Eleazer Samuel Hart (E. S. Hart) who was at Cotopaxi.  I have always assumed that if Hart and Saltiel were cousins, they were both Sephardic Jews.  However, now we know the Harts were Ashkenazi and Jane married into the Saltiel Sephardic Jews.  It might explain a little of the upcoming court cases between E. S. Hart and E. H. Saltiel.

Pay attention to the detail in writings.  It's fascinating!

All of this in my search to find out what happened to Emanuel H. Saltiel's father.  Now we know that he didn't "just disappear" as other writer's have said.  Genealogy - it's more than just a name in a family tree.

new information:

I was researching something else, and a newspaper article popped up.  This article gives perhaps a better explanation of why Saltiel's father committed bigamy.  It is interesting to note that he claimed his wife, Jane Harris Saltiel, was frail and would surely die soon.  She lived another 44 years and did not pass away until 1888.   You can click on the article to make it larger.

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