Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Technology and research

In the past few years, I have given presentations on genealogy, Cotopaxi, and other topics.  Sometimes, the venue doesn't have an overhead projector, so I use 2' x 3' posterboards that I have covered with diagrams.

When I share a family tree, I print out all the pages, trim them, tape them together and create a scroll.

Today, I purchased a small hand-held projector.

It will be perfect for displaying family trees in small settings, and to show the powerpoint presentation on Cotopaxi!  What's even more fascinating is that I can download anything to my iPad, connect that to the projector and use my iPhone as a remote to page through the slides.

The guy at the Apple store didn't know if I could get that to work....so I'm quite pleased with the end results!

Now, when I travel, I just take my iPad, iPhone and this projector with is about the size of 2 iPhones!!!

I can share any family tree in a format up to 100" wide on a white wall or sheet.   When I do craft presentations, teaching techniques,  I can use my iPad camera to zoom down on my hands and share with a crowd any craft technique that I'm doing.  And I can zoom in on a photo and trace it with great detail.

Bottom line....if you want the presentation on Cotopaxi to be given in your home or to a small group....I can now supply everything needed - all you have to provide is a white wall or white sheet!

Isn't technology grand???

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