Wednesday, February 10, 2016

One person's trash.....

I was at the History Center a few weeks ago and they shared with me a story that made my hair stand on end!!!  And of course, they wouldn't/couldn't give me any details, so I will repeat this as it was shared with me.

"Someone" filled a dumpster with old documents.

"Someone else" driving down an alley saw the dumpster with the old documents in it.  They took it upon themselves to pull everything out of the dumpster and take it to the local history center.

And the good folks there started filing it all away and organizing it.

They were kind enough to allow me to search through boxes of the records that should have been in the incinerator by now!

Low and behold....I found several pertaining to Cotopaxi, but this was the most helpful:

Bill of Sale
Joseph Nudelman to
E. S. Hart
17 Aug 1883

This indenture made on this the thirteenth day of April in the year eighteen hundred and eighty three.

Witnesseth that I the undersigned Joseph Nudelman of Cotopaxi, Fremont County State of Colorado, do for and in in consideration of One Dollar lawful money of the Untied States of America, and other valuable considerations, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged sell, assign, transfer and set over to Eleazer S. Hart of Cotopaxi, Fremont County, State of Colorado a certain frame house or dwelling situated on ground leased for the purpose, near the track of the Denver and Rio Grande Railway on the Northerly side of said track and distant about five hundred feet Easterly from the present site of the Cotopaxi Hotel, and adjourning the house of Solomon Chuteran in Cotopaxi as herein before described, said dwelling being the same as heretofore occupied by myself and my family as a place of of residence and which was erected for my use and benefit and I hereby declare that I have full right, power and authority to sell and transfer the property herein described and I deliver the same I do herby further sell, transfer and assign to said Eleazer S. Hart the furniture in said dwelling ouse; consisting one kitchen stove with its op..., tenancies and utensils, two beds, one table, six chairs and other miscellaneous articles.

In witness whereof I hereby affix my hand and seal this the day and year first able written.


Joseph Bardini

State of Colorado
Fremont County

Personally appeared before me the subscriber and acknowledge this as his free act and deed and wishes it seconded as such.  Witness my hand and seal this the 30th day of April AD 1883.

Att. Rumel
Justice of the Peace

This assignment has not been accepted and not conveyed

E. S. Hart
Witness H. S. Towling

For value received I hereby assign all my right and title to the property acquired by this instrument, except the goods as mentioned and conveyed to with the household goods, to Mrs. Susan R. McCoy

Witness my hand and seal this the sixteenth day of August AD 1883

E. S. Hart
witness Att Rummel

Personally appeared before me the subscriber and acknowledged this as his free act and deed and wishes it to be recorded as such.

Witness my and and seal this the sixteenth day of August AD 1883

M. Banta
Justice of the Peace

Several things of interest in this single document:

We know that Joseph Nudelman arrived in 1882.  In this short time, he had acquired a house, an oven, a table, 6 chairs, and 2 beds.

We now know that this house was next door to the Chuteran residence.

This house was sold to Susan McCoy....who just happened to be the mother of the McCoy Gang of the Cotopaxi area.

E. S. Hart was acting on behalf of Joseph Nudelman, so we can assume that Nudelman had already left the area (history tells us that he went to Painted Woods, North Dakota and I have him in documents there).  He most likely left in April, 1883, about 1 year after he arrived.

One of my goals is to establish exactly where the colonists lived.  So next, I will go back to the clerk and recorder's office and see what I can find on Susan McCoy transferring this house to the next person.  If I can find which house this was, can I find the Chuteran residence?

500 feet east of the Cotopaxi Hotel which I think was the house just east of the store which I think is now owned by Mullins.  So much to do!!!

Valuable information that was tossed into a dumpster.  How fortunate that "someone" just happened to be driving down an alley and found it.  How lucky am I that the staff at the history center let me look through all this!!!

One person's treasure!

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